Durga Puja 2010 brochure

RBBA in the public eye

Jim Robinson wrote on 20 October 2010 19:53
Many thanks for such an enjoyable event and sorry I could not stay for longer.
I will aim to do so next year. I am impressed with the numbers attending. Well done for organising such an excellent event. I am glad the article I wrote was well received and that you were able to use some of the photos I sent too.

Maurya Anil on 19 October 2010 09:06
Many thanks for such a nice and auspicious spiritual experience. I must congratulate u for such a nice organization and Ma Durga was so beautiful and kind , I cried because it reminds me of my home town Bilaspur CG India where similar function I witnessed in my young age.Keep it up.

Joya Banerjee
It was a great pleasure. Well done everyone !

Monojit Dey
Thank you all so much. We indeed had a wonderful time. And yes we will meet again next year.

Mohan Banerji wrote
...Thank you to you too ! Considering it's only the 2nd year, what a fantastic Puja it was. It was a reflection of all your hard work. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Shipra Saha
Well done to all who did all the heard work. It was really great, we have enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you for your hospitality. See you next year.

Ateen Dasgupta
Subho Bijoya to you and your family.Thank you to all the members for organising the Puja so nicely. It was just great.

Rakesh Choudhary
Congratulations team RBBA!
Excellent organisation. Good work.

Raghu Kankate
We should infact thank you for all your efforts and we had a great time

...and there were many....
RBBA sincerely appreciate your encouragement and valuable comments. Hope to see you all next year..