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A conscious effort and one of the cornerstones of Rbba’s ideology is also to use the rbba platform to raise social awareness, the ‘double-dot’ inclusive gesture on Doshomi has been greatly lauded, the ‘go-green’If Pujo is the soul then charitable causes are its lifeblood and rbba has endeavoured to help those that are most in need often choosing to work directly with charity partners active at the grassroots to maximise the charity offering. Help India Heal was a successful charity campaign during India’s Covid crisis as was prompt help to alleviate the sufferings of the underprivileged during many natural calamities like the Earthquake in Nepal and the war in Ukraine to name a few.

As well as collaborating with charities in the UK and India to make significant difference in people’s lives, we have partnered with Srijan in rural Bengal to provide vital lifesaving resources since the Covid pandemic and continue to do so. Rbba has procured an Ambulance and set up a Pathology lab to provide health services for the poor and needy in India

Since inception, we have raised and distributed more than £45,000 to our partnered charities and have directly been involved in providing health care in association with Haven.