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DurgoPujo has been at the heart and soul of team rbba and while the organisation evolved it became a platform to showcase the rich cultural legacy of India and connect the current generation growing up in U.K. with their roots in India. Local talent and artistes of international fame have graced the rbba stage and delighted a captive audience for a number of years and the tradition still continues to reach new heights.

Some of the well named artists/groups who have graced the rbba stage over the years have included

Performance by eminent Bengali and Bollywood artists: ‘Surojit O Bondhura’, ‘Anupam Roy and Band’, ‘Chandrabindoo’, ‘Anjan Dutt’, Nachiketa Chakraborty, Bhoomi, Arko Mukherjea, Anwesha, DurnibarSaha, SayaniPalit and Sahana Bajpaie

We have also encouraged and nurture local talent: UK based vocalists, dancers and artists from various fields consistently perform “Live” during events