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Royal Berkshire Bengali Association

Rbba was founded in 2009 when likeminded individuals and families came together to fill a void in their lives in the U.K. In search of the unique ‘desherpujo’ ambience and nostalgia, the kindred souls embarked on a mission to create a platform where all communities come together to celebrate multiculturalism.

Rbba has been the pioneer in various ways when it comes to organising Durga Puja in the UK.

The aims of the organisation have been based around the core values of showcasing Indian cultural heritage by promoting vocal and performing arts, organising religious festivals that honour the Hindu traditions and by doing so create a cultural bridge to connect the age old revered traditions with the younger generation by participating, learning and inculcating the values and traditions of India.

Rbba has also always strived to raise critical funds and provide financial aid for relief of the poor, sick and those in need of emergency aid.

Over the last 15 years the foundation has strongly been built around the 4 main pillars (Durga Pujo, Charity, Cultural and Social awareness) which have been the cornerstone of all that RBBA is about. An organisation by the people, of the people, for the people.


RBBA has endeavoured to help those that are most in need often choosing to work directly with charity partners active at the grassroots to maximise the charity offering.



RBBA became a platform to showcase the rich cultural legacy of India and connect the current generation growing up in U.K. with their roots in India.


Durga Puja

RBBA has been the pioneer in various ways when it comes to organising Durga Puja in the UK. The first to celebrate Durga Pujo in a mandap....


Social Awareness

A conscious effort and one of the cornerstones of Rbba’s ideology is also to use the rbba platform to raise social awareness, the ‘double-dot’ inclusive gesture.....